Monday Movie Night : Deadpool

Hai guys, welcome back – or welcome if this is your first time reading a blogpost on my blog. This is the part where one might be tempted to apologize about my absence for the past 6 months, but honestly, I really won’t. I’ve been really busy and had to sacrifice a few things.  Anyhow, with that being said, I thought it would be quite fit if I came back with a movie review, like I ussed to do every Mondays. I’ve recently been watching a lot of movies on Netflix and I’ve watched just yesterday the oh so hyped movie Deadpool. Now I’ve heard about the move from family and friends and how good the movie was and how funny and how inapropriate it was for kids and such. So when it came on Netflix, I thought : “Alright, let’s see what the hype was about.”

Now let’s start with a plot summary, as I always do. This movie is a Marvel movie so we already know it’s about “superheroes”, but this superhero isn’t your every day superhero. He’s very different from the average. His story is a dark one about how he became who he is now and what got him to the point where he is now. Filled with flashbacks, the movie is about a guy named Wade Wilson, a.k.a futur Deadpool. Wade Wilson isn’t the type of guy to let anyone shut him up. He’s got a reply for everything. He’s a mercenary whom does things to “bad” guys for money, most of the time. He always goes back to the same bar and that’s where he meets Vanessa, the love of his life. After being with her for so long, bad news catches him. He’s got cancer, terminal phase. And that’s where everything goes down the drain. His life becomes nothing but a living hell and gets him to where he is at now as Deadpool.

Now aside from the storyline, which I found quite interesting, anyone watching would for sure notice the humour. Dark and sometimes crude, this movie isn’t for kids. While some scenes portrait the bed adventures between him and her, other scenes show more blood or horror scenes then a child should see. So for this, I have a tendancy to agree with most of the things I heard about this movie : it’s not for kids. I don’t understand why any parent who let or bring their kids to watch such a movie, but it’s not my place to tell them what to do. it’s their kids, not mine. However, I wouldn’t bring a kid to see this movie, even if I had a kid.

That now being said, the humour and the jokes in the movie aren’t half as funny as I expected them to be. I’m gonna be honest here, from what I had hear, this movie was going to be the most hilarious movie on the planet. It wasn’t, at least not for me. It’s not a bad movie, don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed watching the movie a lot, I just didn’t laugh a quarter as much as I thought I was going to. Which brings me to tell you guys I was a little bit dissapointed while watching this movie. Just a little.

Jokes aside, the rest of the movie was overall okay for me. I thought the actor played his role really well and the storyline kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Unlike the other superhero movies, I hadn’t heard about the story of Deadpool before so I can assure you this was a good change of pace from Superman, Batman and any other popular superhero out there.

After saying all of this, I don’t really have much to say about the movie. My conclusion to it was that it was a good movie, but that it wouldn’t be the type of movie I would watch over and over again. Watching it once was enough. The very few jokes I laughed at were great, but I feel as if if I watched it more that once, it would be even less funny and I don’t want it to lose that. In a few years maybe i’ll watch it again, but not for the moment.

Seeing as how Netflix has not changed it’s rating system, I will follow them and use more or les the same thing. I have given this movie a thumbs up, but on a scale from 1 to 5, I would’ve rated this movie a 3.5 on 5 seeing as it was a good movie, but didn’t blow my mind.

I hope you have enjoyed this blogpost, if you did remember to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you are new for more post like this in the future and I will see you guys next week with another Movie Monday Night.




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