Monday Movie Night: Once I Was A Beehive

So in the spirit of at least continuing the trends of my Monday Movie Night, I have watched yet another movie. This time I’ve gone for a different yet not so different style of movie : Once I Was A Beehive. This is morre within the “Child friendly” movie category. Just like the Disney movie, this movie tries to teach teenaged ladies about faith. The word teaching might be a little strong. It’s the story of Lane, a young teenager around the age of 16 who lose her father to cancer. A year later, her mother is getting married to a mormon man that Lane doesn’t approve of, nor like. She hasn’t moved on from her father’s death and therefore cannot acept thiss new marriage. She especially can’t accept being “shipped off” to her new aunt’s house for three weeks without being told before hand. In all the bad, there’s is a lot of good however and even though it takes her a while to realize that, Lane eventually manages to make peace with her father being gone and accepts her mother’s decision to remarry.

This movie reminds me alot of Lemonade Mouth, but without all the songs. This movie sends many messages, all of which are positive for girls. One of those messages is that we should all treat each other correctly. There’s nothing in the world that should prevent us from doing so, no difference different enough to treat one another differently. It also teaches about faith, both the faith in God himself, but also in having faith in yourself. That is probably the most important message of the movie : “Believe in yourself.”

In the movie, Lane meets with her new cousin Pheobe whom suffers from many forms of anxiety. Therefor, she requires the help of her service dog Roxie to calm herself. She takes Roxie everywhere with her, including to her school and to her classes. Because of that Pheobe is considered to be weird by all her classmates, but Pheobe doesn’t care about that. However, even though she doesn’t care about that, she still feels like if she goes to the camp with all the other Mormon girls, she won’t be accepted by them. It’s Lane that convinces her to go by going with her.

As you watch the movie, you see how their point of view of Pheobe and Lane change. even though they don’t like them in the beginning of the movie, they do at the end. That’s a message every girl should get. It is in my opinion a movie every young girl should watch as it teaches many valuable lessons they would strongly benefit from. I give this movie a 5 stars out of 5 and would strongly suggest for all of you to watch it.

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