Monday Movie Night : Jenny’s Wedding

I come back to this blog on this wonderful Monday with a movie which has inspired me to write this review. The movie features quite a few actors you will most definately recognize. It’s the story of a woman named Jenny (Katherine Heigl)who finally comes out to her family about the woman she is in love and the reason why she’s rejected all the men they tried to match her up with.

Let me start by telling you that this movie is an inspiration. Not only is this an amazing story, but it is something that I can relate to, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who can.

Now I will say, I started watching this movie thinking this would be another love story about a woman who can’t find the man for her. I wasn’t shocked when I realized she was a lesbian, no. I was happily surprised to hear that. From that moment on, the movie touched me even more.

It’s a romantic emotional movie like no other I have seen before and for that, it’s my new favorite movie. The story is just as amazing as any other romance out there, and maybe even more.

I was originally going to watch the movie I was suggested by Derpyunicorn, but when I saw this movie and started watching it, I fell in love with it and knew immediately I had to share this with all of you guys.

Please, please go watch this wonderful movie. You will love it, you will watch it again and again and still love it. I personally rate it a 10 stars out of five. I simply just love this movie.




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  1. I thought this movie was a pleasant surprise. Especially because Katherine Heigl had gotten a lot of hate. I have to admit I really liked it, it was different, and fun. Great review. Have you ever thought about sharing your writing on Moviepilot/Creators? I’d love to introduce you to the platform. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail, my contact details are on my blog.

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    1. rubytblake says:

      I’m really glad you enjoyed both the movie and the review. Like you said, it was a different type of movie and a fun one all in one. I am a big fan of Katherine Heigl, so honestly this movie did not disappoint me. I have to say I never thought of sharing my writing on MoviePilot/Creators, but I will send you an email. I’m curious to know more. Thank you so much for posting your comment, I really apreciate it. 😀

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