Valentine’s Day Week: Day 6

So tonight I streamed once more and although thee first part of my stream was playing a video game called Unravel (with which I am not obsessed with by the way) I have now taken it upon myself to actually try to find or make a pattern for the little guy in the game called Yarny. With my knowledge I know that I will make it through. Regardless, I had to take a quick break from the game and moved on to some crochet-ing.

So I moved to another V-Day crochet pattern and decided I’d follow a pattern to make a heart coaster thinking “There’s no way that can go wrong”. But I couldn’t have thought it would exactaly have gone as planned. Now the pattern I found is not exactly the bes pattern ever. I found it hard to follow and I don’t know whjy, but my finished product didn’t quite look like the original pictured product.

Anyways, here’s the pattern on Atty’s and here’s an image of my product (on the left) and the supposed finished product beside it :


I must have done something wrong, but I haven’t figured out what I was yet. I hope you have enjoyed this article. I’m sorry I don’t have a whole lot to say. Please don’t forget to give this a thumbs up if you have enjoyed it and subscribe if you are new.




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