Valentine’s Day Week: Day 5

I am sure a lot of you probably don’t know this, or maybe you do, but I have started streaming last month on twitch. I’ve been doing a lot of creative streams where I do crochet patterns live and chat with anyone who comes into my chat and all of that. So far, the experience has been great. I am really enjoying myself and I think I will keep doing it. I have been introduced to others who do just like I do and have been hanging out with them in their streams and such. I think it’s a marvelous group and they are fun to hang out with.

Anywho, I thought that I would show you guys the projects I have completed live on my stream. I have so far completed two or three project, but for this time I would only be presenting two of them. Now because It was getting close to valentine’s day, I decided to make valentine’s day project on my crochet stream.

The first project I did is a stuffed heart. You can find the pattern here on Make My Day Creative. Here’s the product I had once it was finished :


The second project I did was a little heart pouch. The pattern can be found here Pattern Paradise. Here’s a picture of the final product for me :


Now I have to say I did enjoy making both of them on stream. I found them to be really easy patterns to do and they really don’t take that long. I hope you have enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to give it a thumbs if you did and subsrice to this blog if you are new. I will see you next time, maybe on stream on Twitch or on here.





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