NYX High Voltage Lipstick (review)

DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsered by NYX Cosmetics for this review. I bought the product myself in a store.

Now last week I reviewed the NYX Matte Lipstick and told you about how I found the NYX Cosmetic section. Well on that same day, I also bought some shade of the High Voltage Lipstick. Now the idea is still that the lipstick was a kind of Matte color in some very nude shades. My goal is to find some natural looking lipstick. Once again, here’s an idea of the different colors on the inside of my wrist. In order from up my wrist to down my arms, the colors are: French Kiss (11), Tan-Gerine (15) and Mirage (21).


Now those colors barely even show on my skin tone, which is a plus because I wanted to colors to be barely there. The next thing to try out is what it looks like on my lips. The first color I tried was French Kiss and here’s an idea of the shade on my lips:


This color looks very natural. Once again it’s barely there. Now because of the bad lighting in my room, you don’t see that clearly, but the color is very pink, but a rather pale pink rather than a bright pink. That’s a good thing and it means I am very satisfied with the shade I picked. The second shade I tried was Tan-Gerine and here’s what it looks like:


Now this shade is the darker one of the three I picked out, but it’s not the darkest I have worn. I feel like I am repeating myself a lot, but it’s a very neutral shade and another barely there color that just looks very natural. Lastly, I then tried on the last shade Mirage and here is what it looks like:


This shade is a lot lighter than the two others and  with the bad lighting today you can hardly tell how much lighter than my skin is, yet it’s a good shade for someone who would perhaps have a lighter skin tone than me.

Now overall, I like the product and just like any lipstick it doesn’t stay on very long and you have to put some back on. I do love this product however and I think it’s worth buying and I would totally suggest it to you if you are looking for something like this. As always, Id’ advise you check the shade on your skin tone using the tester before you purchase it. I got those on sale which goes to show that the price does not tell you how good the product is or how bad is can be.

Now texture wise, Your lips don’t feel dry or anything like that. It feels like putting on some lip balm. The smell is great. I kind of smells a little but of vanilla, and I don’t know for you but I love vanilla so.

If you have enjoyed this review, please give it a thumbs up and feel free to leave me suggestions in the comments below for product to try on and maybe review.




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