Patterns I Want to Make

So last week I mentionned I wanted to start making Izzy Dolls and send them so they could be then sent to soldier who would give them out to kids? Well, that tells you how much I like doing crochet and looking for new patterns. I never get to try out half of them and usually, the things I make I rarely wear or rarely use, but evey once in a while I make something for myself. So I thought I would share with you all some of the patterns I found on Pinterest. You kind find all of those and more on my Pinterest boards: Knitting Patterns for Beginners and Crochet Patterns.

Crochet Patterns to try:

  • Katniss Everdeen Survival Cowl: So I’m not sure how accurate compare to the real deal this pattern is, but aside from that fact that it’s from Hunger Games, I really like the way it looks. I’m not sure if I’d actuall wear it or not, but I sure want to give it a try.
  • Gameboy Pillow: Now the geek in me cannot resist trying to do this one. There’s no actually pattern, or at least none that I have found so far, but seeing those pictures gives me a good idea of how to do it, and I might just be able to make a pattern out of it after that.
  • Crochet Basket: Being someone that loves arts and crafts and such thing, It’s always useful to have something to put all the yarn balls or something like that. It can be just as useful for other things too.
  • Sheep Cup Cozies: Who can resist the urge to try that pattern out?Not me. Being a big coffee drinker, I really want to try this one out because cups of coffee are already hot enough so it figures that it would mostcertainly useful.
  • Afghan Ripple Crochet: I don’t know about you, but I always get cold in the winter and this pattern is just cute enough to work. And you can never have too many cozy and warm blankets.

Knitting Patterns to try:

  • Katniss Everdeen Survival Cowl: Yes, I am fully aware that I have already suggested a crochet pattern of this, but I thought I would also include one for knitter because it’s not all knitter that crochet and vice versa. Personnally, I like this version better, but I find knitting takes way to long. I do really want to try this one though I have to say.
  • Christmas Cup Cozies: Now his is another cute cozie pattern and a great gift idea for holidays or birthdays. It’s a great way to identify your own cup or to give a personnalized gift to someone. It’s on my must-try list for sure.
  • Meringue Infinity Scarf: Now here’s a must as well. I’ll admit I got started on that one, but I’ve put it aside for so long now that I can’t seem to remember exactly wear I left off, but I will eventually finish it. Maybe I’ll post a picture of the finished product on here.
  • Country Cottage Blanket: I know i’m beginning to repeat myself, but we can never have too many blanket. This pattern seems simple enough and the finished product on the picture seems great so I really don’t see why I shouldn’t try to make this one.
  • Cushion Pattern: I just love the way this pattern looks like and I feel it would go great with the blanket I linked just above it. I can already picture it on the couch in the basement or on the guest bed or something.

Anyways, I hope you guys find those pattern links to be useful. If you decide to use them, please do send me pictures of the finished product, I would just love to see it. If you liked this and would like to see more, please give this a thumbs up and feel free to leave me comments down below if you have any pictures or ideas or what-nots.




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