For My Comfort

We all have these moments where we feel like roll up in a ball and getting comfortable. Today has been one of those days so I thought I would share with you what I like to do or make when I don’t feel so great. There’s quite a few things  I like to do.

The first thing I do is to grab a dressing gown I recently bought from Marks & Spencers London. It’s a Luxury Hooded Shimmer Dressing Gown in grey and white. First, let me tell you how much I love this dressing gown. It’s fluffy, it’s soft, it’s like being wrapped in a fluffy blanket. It’s the best feeling ever. Even though it was an expensive purchase, it’s the best purchase I’ve made in a while if I can be completely honest with you. So yeah, the first thing I do is put it on.


Next I go to the basement where we have a kinda of cozy area with a couch and a tv and I grab a soft blanket. and put it on the couch. I follow this up with making myself some tea or hot chocolate and set up a movie  or a TV series.

My go-to eerie is Gilmore Girls. I think I have watched that eerie about 20 times at least. I just love that serie and with some comfort food, a blanket and my dressing gown, it ames it the best thing ever. It’s a moment where I can just feel good about myself. I don’t put on make-up, I don’t do anything fancy with my hair, I just do something for me. I make myself feel happy and comfortable.

Sometimes I’ll even make myself some macaroni and cheese or a grilled cheese with this as I like to eat this as comfort food. If it’s cold outside, a soup is sometimes nice as well. Anything that makes me feel good and warm inside, that can help me relax.

If for whatever reason I can’t watch Gilmore Girls or no other tv series, then I’ll pick my favourite book or a crochet project or something and relax with some music in the background.

The last thing I like to do to feel comfortable is to take a bath with a bubble bar and a bath bomb from Lush and relax with some chill music off of spotify. Once I am out of the bath, I put some lotion on from Bath and Body works and wrap myself in my dressing gown and sit on the couch in front of a movie or with a good book with some hot chocolate or something of the type.

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