I play “Vidga” Games

I remember watching my dad play video games when I was much younger. I would spend hours sitting there watching him play Darkstone with his characters Hera and Jeremy or when he play Zelda on the nintendo 64. The nintendo was the first console my brother and I ever got. We would spend a lot of our time playing together. I can’t remember at this time which was our very first game on it, but I do remember playing Mario Kart or Star Wars racing games. Thinking about it now, I’m wondering if maybe our first game for the 64 wasn’t maybe Mario 64. I don’t remember playing that game myself, but I do remember watching my bother and my father playing those games and it was pretty great to watch.

Now, I’m by no means an mlg video game player, quite the opposite actually, but I do have tons of fun playing them. What I enjoy the most is to be able to play with my friends and with my family and just have some good old fun. Since then – as in in the past few years – I have started playing a lot more videos games. I’ll be honest, I have a few favorites. I’m a big fan of any and every final fantasy games, or any games made by Namco and Square Enix.

In my lifetime, I can say I have finish only two games : Jade Empire and Fire Emblem : Path of Radiance. I just loved both of those games.Otherwise, I must confess I am a big Sims player – I have 167 hours logged in already for Sims 4 – and a big Minecraft player as well. I have also recently played a tons of Age of Empire, Banished and Tomb Raider games. I just love to play those games. I find them to be a lot of fun.

My goal for this year is to try to finish more games and to play more games, but I also want to start streaming and maybe upload a few gaming videos. So if you have an suggestion of games, please do comment below and if you are interested in seeing my play some videos games, then give this post a thumbs up.




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