My Shopping Haul #1

So as the title says, I thought I might share with you my lastest shopping haul. Now, to put you in context I had my highlights done at the hair salon today and while waiting for my ride I went for a little bit of a shopping haul in the mall. My first stop was at a shop called Ardene. I went straight for the hair section looking for things I might be able to use. The first things Iooked for were some headband which I was easily able to find.


I was looking for something dark and simple, but also for headbands that weren’t too big so those were just perfect for that. Then I noticed some colorful extension and immediately thought they were perfect and I just had to have them.



Now there a reason why I got those, I didn’t just buy them for the fun of the thing. You guys don’t know this, but twice a year I volunteer at a convention called G-Anime and I work in the Gameroom in the section with all the Retro Console to help my friend who owns all those older consoles. That convention is mainly an Anime convention and everywhere I try to come up with some sort of a costume. This year, I want to be a unicorn, so those hair extensions are going to scattered on my hair and I think they will be just perfect.

Next, I went looking for pajama bottoms. Now I don’t if this happens to anyone of you guys, but with me I always seem to either outrow my pj bottoms or they somehow fade out or start having holes in them and I am always left with just tops. Yeah, I know, it really sucks! So because of that I find myself in need of bottoms. I found three pairs :


Unfortunately for me, the middle one is a little tight below the hips, but the two other ones fit perfectly – I’m wearing the one with the penguins right now. Now when I saw the one on the right with the different coffees, I couldn’t help it. I’m such a big fan of coffee that I had to get it. Plus, who doesn’t like those Kawaii coffee?

So with everything in hand I headed for the cash when I saw the surprise bags that this store always has. I remember always going into that store and buying then. So I couldn’t help it, I had to get two bags. I wasn’t too disapointed with what I got to bee honest.


The first bag made me very happy. The second one made me happy too, but I thought the bra straps were pretty much useless to me since I don’t wear strapless bras anymore. But It’s okay, maybe I have a friend who needs them. With all my purchases in hand, I paid and left the store.

My next stop was at a small pharmacy where I first headed to the beautyection looking for a good lipstick. I managed to pick up some NYX product one sale and some others a little bit more. I will review those products in a futur blog post, but I’ll at least show you the colors and things I bought.


With this picked out, I went for the h section looking for clear elastics and bobby pins. I easily found what I was looking for.


Note that there is a headband from Ardene in this picture and that is something I got from Ardene and not the pharmacy.

Anyways, this is my shoping haul. I hope you have enjoyed it and if so, please give this a thumbs up. If you want me to do more of this, then do let me by either commenting or giving this a thumbs up and I will do my best to let you know of my futur shopping hauls.




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