Monday Movie Night #1

Alright, I thought I could make this a thing on my daily blog to watch a movie every monday night, something new, something I haven’t seen before. There are so many good movies out there and so many bad ones that I think it’s going to be a good thing to be doing. With that i mind, tonight I watched Something’s Gotta Give with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

This romantic comedy presents two very good actors that we all love to watch.  I picked this movie with the expectation of not really liking it. The story line seemed to me like something I didn’t really like to see. On Netflix it has a rating of two stars and a half. I have to say I was delighted by the appearance of Keanu Reeves.

The story plot was in itself very interesting very different. Being a young adult myself I tend to go for movie with characters with whom I can actually relate so therefore with actors who are much much younger. But a love story is still a love story no matter how old the characters are. This one is by far the most original one I have watch so far.

I have to say although it is obvious who’s romantic story we are going to see, and who will fall in love with who, Diane Keaton’s character makes it a habit to keep on surprising you by doing exactly the opposite of what she originally wanted to.

But like every romantic movie, this one has both a predictable plot and a predictable ending. Yet this movie still made my heart very warm and fuzzy as any other romantic movie have made me feel every time I have watched one. This might be even more true with this movie than it has been with every other romantic movies I’ve seen so far.

Although I don’t relate to the characters, they still find a way to get you very attached to them. I found a way to relate to what they are feeling more than the characters themselves.

So if you like good romantic movies, I strongly suggest you go and watch this movie. I really found it to be a great movie to watch before bed with a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea.

So if you have any suggestions of good (or bad) movies for me to watch, feel free to comment down below.




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