Why I should live in a Coffee House

I don’t remember what made me start to drink coffee, all that I know is that I now love coffee. It’s an addiction, kind of. I don’t need, I just don’t want to go without it. To me, there’s nothing like waking up and drinking my coffee in the morning. It’s just so nice and so relaxing, which is quite ironic when you think about it. Coffee is supposed to be doing quite the opposite. I used to drink coffee to wake up, but now it’s become more of a habit.

My love for coffee comes from deep within. My perfect apartment would be right above a coffee shop or a starbucks or at least near it. Another thing I just love to do its to grab a coffee and sit in the shop to work on something, to read or to write. I’ll put some music on and just let it flow. Coffee becomes a muses.

But not all coffees taste the same and what I mean by that is that one brand of espresso beans – because yes I’m a BIG latte fan – will not have the same taste as another one. Just like a latte and a machiatto will not have the same taste because even though they have the same ingredients, the order is different, etc. Personally, as mentions previously, I’m a big fan of lattes, but I don’t always have that option when going to a shop. I like the ‘freshly made’ latte rather than the one made with water and powder. If you are a latte fan, you’ll know what I mean.

Lately, I’ve been wondering if there is anyway for me to try out a who bunch of different coffees, you know like a coffee tasting or something. I would just love to become a coffee expert. My dad is very good with wines and my brother with beers, so if I could know a lot more about the different coffees I’d be so happy.

Maybe you guys can tell me if that is possible or not, or if I should just try out different espresso beans and give you guys a review on here, or maybe in a youtube video or something.





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